Today when I come forward

To observe this terrific silence

I get confused to know that

It depicts whose presence?


When I tried hard to discover the reasons,

I got many.

But, the million dollar question is…

Out of these, is suitable any?


I begin my exploration

I know, I will surely reach my destination

You must be thinking how

When you’ll read, you would say “WOW!”


I think it’s the silence

Of children’s fight

But, if it would be

Then they would cry might!


No, I think a baby

Has got his toy broken

This had actually

Made   his voice choked.



Is it the one?

Which is noticed before a storm?

Or the one

Which is experienced after a bomb?


But here in all the phases

We would find blurred faces.

Then to what does it relate?

Does someone hate?


It’s extremely very tedious

And also very serious

I think it is due to castecism

That is often followed by discrimination.


It leads to numerous ethnic conflicts

And in papers, what’s the need of such clicks?

These are just a source of anxiety

God knows, what a plethora of harm do they cause to society


Yes! I found the real reason

It may be also because of treason

The method to add beauty

Is one and only UNITY!


Let us put our hands together

So that all happiness may gather

It will be good to feel everyone’s unique presence

And ultimately succeed to break this TERRIFIC SILENCE!!!

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