Major Impact Of Social Media

Before a decade or so, people were less connected to socialize with limited options to have a get-together. But today, people get information on their finger tips ranging from news to promotional videos. People are well informed about each others activity which makes the world to be smaller beyond landscapes with swift contact and updates via web and mobile.

There are different kinds of social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google-plus, and much more. Each has its own attributes to enhance the communication among users. People are jubilant to participate in the social network since it keeps them engaged. It gives the user a feeling of closeness. It also affects the language usage which may be unique that may be verbal or text speak but not synchronizing with grammar. On the other hand, a single line gets communicated to multiple people simultaneously.

Advantages of Social Media

1. Increase Contacts
The main advantage of social networks is that it allows to get the contacts of your friends and relative in order to keep in contact with them dynamically. One can be informed about latest updates. Sharing of photos, audio, and video makes the communication entertaining and interesting.

2. Product review
People get to know about the product in the form of reviews posted by other people on social network. This provides a rational opinion about the product that can act like guide to buy the right product, thus improving sales. Always, people believe in other’s recommendation to buy products.

3. Group discussion
This is one of the best feature that social media can provide to the user. The group discussion allows the user to participate in subjective discussions which may be useful to get more knowledge in focused topics. It also keeps friends together.

4. Improve marketing and sales

Social media is a wide network of people where the medium is open to communicate. It helps to find the potential customers. The company, brands, and users can follow another user’s activities or get followed by others which increase the power or value in social network. Brand name can be established easily.

5. Social media influencing Healthcare industry
Using social media, one can analyze the best healthcare in the industry. The clinics/hospital can also flash the news about the arrival of specialist doctors, resource availability etc to the patients which makes it easier for the patients to keep the communication to be active with the healthcare.

6. Impact on economy
Social media has now become an established industry which is providing a wide range of job opportunities. There are about 6337+ Facebook employees, 5000+ LinkedIn employees, and 3000+ Twitter employees. Social media organization has created a positive impact on the economy by reducing the unemployment.

7. Social media impact on Politics
Politicians use twitter, Facebook etc to express their personal and political thoughts which helps them to keep in touch with the public. It is also useful for the citizens to openly discuss on politics and convey message to the politicians.

Disadvantages of Social Media

1. Transparent
Social media makes the life more transparent. It may be sometimes painstaking to interact using social media which keeps you connected every second and force you to expose or share your thoughts and privacy. You may have to forcibly get into interactions without any time scale or limit which may disturb your routines.

2. Social burden
The social media on the mobile phone keeps the people engaged but it also keeps them away from actual socializing or interacting with people on real-time basis. They chat with others on facebook while they ignore to talk with the person nearby. The personal information of a person becomes public which becomes a social burden. Around 51% of people feel stressed and uncomfortable after using the social media sites like worried or sleeplessness.


It may be souring for the social media haters to digest that uses and advantages of social media outweigh the disadvantage. Since social media is connected, communication is very effective. People can exhibit portfolio to checkout a job on the network. The flash news can keep one to be update on society. Social servicing can be motivated. With quick reach to persons anywhere in the world, social media plays a great role for the success of each individual.


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