Getting wealthier with Social Networking

It’s close to 2am and I am writing my first blog. Why am I doing it? Because yesterday I attended my first networking event and it was about blogging. We were asked to write an article as a surprise exercise and personally, if was a shock for me. I had gone there just to meet some people. A simple networking event it was supposed to be but here I am, finding words for my thoughts at 2am. (It is 2.28 though. Yeah, it took me half an hour to write these four lines.)
I believe a person’s wealth is the number of people s/he knows and let me be clear, I am not talking about digital connections but the real ones. The people you connect with regularly, who trust you, people you care about and want to build a long-lasting relationship. Your circle influence your choices and our choices make us what we are. Surrounding yourself with positive people will definitely help you grow. The monetary value of a person’s wealth may reduce to nothing from millions but one can always fight back with right kind of support by their side.
Now, there are some basic rules of networking and one must follow them religiously to maintain a healthy network.

  • Keep in touch: It is very important to contact people regularly. Meeting in person is the best way to do it but you can always use video calling in case you cannot meet them. Ability to see a person’s face while communicating helps build the trust. But a call, simple message exchange or a positive comment on a post can also help you stay connected.
  • Prioritize: You just cannot stay connected to a thousand people on a regular basis. You have to prioritize your contacts and decide how many times a week, a month or a year you are going to communicate with them.
  • Share: The goal of your network should be to help each other grow. Share your knowledge as much as you can. Help people from other domains to understand yours and give your expert advice when it is required. You must give first before expecting anything.
  • Genuine: The relationships you are building have to be trustworthy to last long and that should be your goal.

Since my childhood I have heard this that humans are social animals and I must try to maintain healthy relationships with people around me. There are many platforms available which can help you connect with likeminded people but you have to work for it. Follow the simple rules to build and maintain a strong community of people around you which will help each other become their better versions.

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