Life of a Sales Women

I have worked with the media office for a long time and following 3 years I got the chance to work with presumed media house as deals manager,I was told by my questioner that extremely hard for a ladies to be in sales.and you should move in metro ,transport ,and in some cases in the wake of getting the gathering and affirmation customer dropped it at their own desire in the event that they are not accessible and extraordinarily when you are going to arrive at their so all these sort of disappointment can occur so are you arranged for this.

I have acknowledged this as an open door since I love to travel ,I generally love to meet new people.and somewhere back of  my mind I was imagining that I will split deals without a doubt one day .I can possibly do anything .I was a fresher in deals gradually I took in the usp of my item and I began to go alone for deals gatherings .,at first I was exceptionally terrified because I have been told by my supervisor  wherever you will go people will not entertain you . So I began voyaging some time by travelling  in using different public transport,sometimes no lunch  and it was the toughest 4 months of my life when I see no deal happening..

I took a decision that i won’t surrender however yet when you have the enthusiasm to learn universe consistently reacts to me.i split my first customer in gurgaon absolute minimum measure of 50k.all my difficult work paid me when I got this RO .and today additionally when this covid is going on I m still smiling and have learnt on fighting the situations with ease.

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