Machine Vs Human – Race in Recruitment (Humans are still irreplaceable for this role)

It is a known fact that Machine is replacing most of the jobs and each & every role will be replaced by automated technologies. AI and Machine Learning already started to rule every part of the technology to make business more productive and cost-effective. In one of my past articles, I have mentioned about the future of Recruitment using AI & Machine learning-
The article describes the ease of recruitment process when AI & Machine Learning is implemented. But every technology has its own pros & cons. Recruitment is one of those processes which deals with connection & engagement between the business and candidates (talents pool in the industry). When there is human minds involve in the process, the technology cannot take over the whole process as such. When humans are involved, there need to be a lot of factors to build– trust, transparency etc which any machine cannot deal with.
As a Recruiter, we need to up-skill ourselves to become a “Hybrid Recruiter”. It accounts for a great storyteller, Great Dealer, Talent Advisor, Data Mapper, Researcher, Tech Geek, and Inspirer & Influencer to be on top of the role. I have mentioned in detail about this in one of my articles
When it comes to Recruitment, for building up any technology related business, it s most important to understand the mindset of the candidate, technology, aspiration of the candidate, fitment, longevity,etc where human involvement is much needed .Though machines can do only few related things like –sourcing , screening, ATS, scheduling and some extent engagement with candidates. I would like to discussion few important pointers on how Humans are still irreplaceable in this job role as a Recruiter.

Story Teller:

Recruiters need to be a great story teller. They should know each and every detail of the roles, technology, why the hiring is done, importance of the role, the career growth on the role etc. They should know how to pitch into a conversion and convey all the important information to the candidates. The candidates should feel how important they are for the role and how they are fitting into the role. This actually gives them a clear picture of whether they are the right fit for the role and help them with their aspirations. Even a recruiter should keep a track that what exactly the candidate is looking for or expecting out of it. When the conversation is strong enough, then builds the relationship. When you think if machine can do this work then it’s definitely a NO!


Great Convincer:

When dealing with candidates, as a Recruiter we need to be a great convincer. As we talk to candidates for any job role, they may show disinterest or we may find a straight no from them. We should have all the data and analytics about the role & technology and how industry is progressing with such skills and make them explore the role. When we provide more of inside information, insights of how they can contribute to the role in the company, every inputs about the company as their culture, leaders who have joined recently and with whom are they going to work with. Every detail will help them rethink more and excite them to explore the role with more confidence which absolutely machine cannot do!

Candidate Engagement:

Candidate Engagement is one of the most important aspects when it comes to Recruiter life. As anybody can do sourcing & screening and so can machines but when it comes to keep candidates engaged and provide those timely help, then machines cannot. Candidates should be kept engaged with clearing their queries, interview process & preparation, pre & post offer process etc. The much they are engaged, the more confident and in-line with process. This will create a transparency between the candidates and recruiter with regards to the thought process of the candidates, their plans and decisions. If the engagement is not done properly then we should be ready for all great surprises at the last minute.

Personal & Emotional Connect:

When it comes to engaging with Humans, it calls for Personal & Emotional Connect, where machines can only have the connect through mails or messages but not beyond that for sure. The connect is created as how often we keep them engaged over frequent calls or personal meet. Exchanging of information’s through calls and providing them timely help if it is for negotiation post offer or career advisory etc. The much we connect with them the more we build the relationship and we can provide them a great candidate experience. It is also needed as for candidate decision making prospects, since when the candidates are in Senior / Executive levels there needs to be certain strong decisions to be taken by them and we should help them in taking right decision for their next move and provide them the right information with actual data and analytics.

Be an Inspirer & Influencer:

When we acquire the above mentioned factors then it will definitely make us a Hybrid and Smart Recruiter. We should start inspiring people with our data analytics and insightful information which needs a lot of research on those particular role, company and technology. As recruiter, we should know to read the candidates thoughts and know to how positively influence and inspire them with our knowledge and details on things. When we start influencing them positively and bring excitement over the conversation then they listen to our suggestions & ideas and we will be the recruiter where they want to connect with us for any decision making and advisory at any given point of time in future. Where machines can never inspire or influence people.

The above factors definitely gives a clear picture that machines cannot replace humans completely for recruiting talents. Machines can only ease some of the process by increasing the productivity and reducing cost. But to sustain in the recruitment industry we definitely need to up-skill our capabilities and talents with lot of data analytics, research and insightful information. Our job recommends a lot of innovation at the ground up level to become experts and bring different experience altogether.


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