What is meditation?

Meditation is the means by which we experience the love, peace,and stillness that is within ourselves.It is the process of experiencing God’s love for ourselves by taking our attention away from the world outside and focusing it within. Doing so,allows us to defocus from the turmoil of our surroundings and connect with the source of all love, all joy,which is god. Meditation is the highest form of prayer and unlocks the gates to the reservoir of untapped love that we carry with us.
” Meditation is the means by
which the soul expresses
it’s love for God.”

“Meditation Heals the Body”-
Meditation Reduces stress and Anxiety- people around the world have been turning to meditation to release stress, as reaserch has shown that the spending regular, accurate time is meditation can reduce stress and Anxiety.

Meditation Reduces Pain-

Many medical centers and hospitals now offer classes on meditation to reduce stress, eliminate certain illness, and improve health outcomes in patients. Meditation can heal our physical body by healing our mind and our emotional state. By becoming absorded within, we divert our attention from feeling the effects of illness. There is healing power of the Devine that we can tap into when we shift our consciousness from the physical body to our spiritual side. We can rise above physical pain by connecting with the power within in meditation.

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