Positive Energy

All that we are is the result of what we have thought, The mind is everything, what we think we become.
I like to think of energy as anything that invokes a reaction inside us. In other words anything that makes us tick, ponder,feel, or react, energy comes to us in different forms,the chair we’re sitting on the music we’re listening to, or the book we just finished reading all provoke some of reaction within us.

Take music,for example how does our favourite make us feel? What type of energy do we enjoy most from music? If we don’t know what we talking about dig into tunes now and put on a song we love, take a break from reading this, close your eye for the entire song ,and see what you feel. Music is one of the most powerfeel and recognisable forms of energy which is perhaps why it is grownded in so manay sacred tradition a powerful musician can create the same sensation in many different people.

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