In the world of digital era, the business is growing up because of the technology. Technology making the things easier. The rise of new digital technology transforming the whole business process.

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”

Brian Reed

Personally, I impressed with this quote. Some things are so helpful that we don’t need to bother why they exist. Through this digitization banking process become so fast. Like you can do any transaction by sitting at your home. The world is changed with the internet of things, now the things become automated. It is used in different appliances, vehicles and others .They are embedded with sensors, electronics, and software. With their connectivity, it   enabling them to connect and exchange data in the form of wireless network.

Either it is cloud computing, automation, robotics, and new technology changing the world and their lifestyle so rapidly. We are happy because it reduced our time. Our knowledge is growing, business becoming easier. Everything is either on our phone to implement the things. New jobs are coming in the market.


If we talk about future, with the advancement of technology it will definitely replace the jobs. Some people will become jobless. New apps, new technology will make new world. Many jobs actually decline due to technology. Robots will replace human in future. This automation can be good but it will replace our jobs.

Transportation business or food business, also changing instantly instant booking through phones and laptop decreased the human effort. Transfer of cash at a longer distant now it becomes faster.


Technology is a booming market full of thrilling and innovative products and new learning opportunities. With technology as a major consumer of our time and also an exciting experience in our world today, are we motivated to generate something new?

Now people are so much involved with their jobs and office work. They don’t have time to spend their life with family. Meeting is changing into call. Outdoor games is replaced with PUBG, TIKTOK, Blue whale game etc. Families are getting divorced because of these game. Some children have died because of this blue whale game. These type of games effecting the mental health as well as physical health. It leads to lack of sleep, less social interaction. These type of extreme violence game effect the mental health of the person. Are these type of apps and technology which is getting misused by some people? Is it good?

People prefer watching Netflix and Amazon prime to watch movies and web series. I am not against these things but I wonder why I need to watch GOT (game of thrones). Is it necessary for me? Instagram or Facebook how these apps and websites involved people with their marketing and content. Everyone is busy on phone. Don’t have time to talk with each other or to use some mental strength.


Technology has made the smart people as well as smart decision. The power and potential of artificial intelligence cannot be overstated. It is already having a transformative effect in number of industries. The smart homes is possible because of the technology, and now the time for smart workplaces has arrived. The use of appropriate technology will be good for the people as well as the business. Businesses that are accepting the change will see a higher growth in the world than the ones who are still doubting about this idea. It has long been acknowledged that time is money, and the most important tool for business innovation is one which can help organizations move faster.

Know where you stand and choose accordingly.


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