Uttrakhand is situated in northern part of India popularly known as dev bhumi, uttrakhand. On cultural and regional basis it is divided into party Kumauni and garhwal besides various Hindu pilgrimages dev bhumi (land of god) is enrich in cultural treasure.

Focusing here on Kumauni traditional dresses like the women wears, pichhoda, ghagra, blouse and man wears kurta, pajama with half sleeved coat and a traditional cap.

Nowadays traditional dresses are only worn on special occasions like puja ceremony, on marriage and trends of wearing traditional dresses have got a modern touch in both (females and males). Presently western culture have greatly affected traditional dresses all over India the new trends have immensely haunted the traditional one’s and it’s the high time to safeguard our culture and aware our young generation about the treasure we are about to lose before our tradition is completely forgotten.

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