Delhi’s Eiffel Tower “Signature Bridge” !!

Delhi has served as capital of many kingdoms and empires Delhi Sultanate to Mughals than British. It is a most famous historic city with the alluring fusion of significant past and vigorous present. One of the most interesting things in Delhi is iconic “Signature Bridge”.

Delhi’s iconic Signature Bridge , the pylon is more than twice in height compared with Qutab Minar, was inaugurated on November 4, 2018 by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is the 675-metre Signature Bridge, which is an eight-lane carriageway.

It  reduces the travel time between North and Northeast Delhi and shares the load  of the Wazirabad Bridge. It also connects the Outer Ring Road on the western bank of the Yamuna river with Wazirabad Road on the eastern side.

Must known facts about Signature bridge.

  • It is double the height of Qutub Minar .
  • India’s first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge, with the gesture of ‘NAMASTE’
  • This helps to reduce the commuting time between northeast areas and the inner city from 45 minutes to just 10 minutes, combating pollution and saving fuel.
  • The most beautiful panoramic view of the city is from the top of the bridge, gives the feel of Eiffel Tower.
  • Visitors to be taken in four elevators with a total capacity of 50 people to a 154-metre high glass box on the top of the bridgeto provide them a bird’s-eye view of the city.
  • There are graphics on the bridge which represents modern and progressive India.
  • The 575-metre bridge will also have selfie spots.     

Besides being an important link between northeast Delhi and the rest of the city, it has also become a favourite place for Delhites to click selfies . So, if you are a selfie lover , visit this once and have an astonishing experience of the Eiffel Tower in India.

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