That Summer

That Summer on shore, hand in hand

A far away look, in our eyes

Rolled up sleeves, folded jeans

Our smiles…. ending with sighs


You look at me, I look at you

And that’s all the world to me

Soft sand and even softer hands

Where else would I want to be


Holding you by back, pulling you closer

Your eyes are still holding mine

My lips touched yours and I am gone

In another world, in another time


Those castles of sand, doodles with hand

That we are gonna leave behind

Countless pics and endless talks

Nothing makes sense, but we don’t mind


Throwing stones, hiding behind trees

Crawling, crouching, running around

I caught your hand when you tripped

And we fell together… on the ground


Wasting songs on crazy dance

Then swaying under the last twilight

Cozy and warm, you are in my arms

Snuggled around the campfire in night


Shady lights of the starry night

With you by my side, I’m all set n high

And I hope, this day never ends

That Summer, beneath the moonlit sky

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