Joint Entrance Exam

Joint entrance exam or jee mains as they say

When all your blood and sweat comes down to one day

Enrollment in the coaching classes

Thought I would be unique but was one in masses

With utmost vigor I started this journey

Completely investing my time, health and money

Sooner or later it was made clear

Get into iits or your future would be led bare

My dreams were my only fuel

My hardwork turned into my tool

Burning the midnight oil made sense

When both night owl and morning cock could feel my presence

Excelling in academics wasn’t new but failure was

And giving up wasn’t in the clause

The journey ended with a wink yet appeared so slow

Because you had to give up all the fun and night life’s glow

Finally the D-DAY came

Only extreme nervousness, anxiety and ambiguity was in the frame

With my hands shivering

It was jee that I was solving

It finally ended

Shattered my dreams and destination it mended

I questioned the idea of happy ending

But realized a lot more is waiting

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