This is the end of love

As a period of collective madness

Or the heart break sadness

This is the beginning of googling-

If infatuation is an abstract noun

Or is it a verb?

Can it be found on Netflix

In the form of crazy, stupid , love?

Is it just a word?

Is it a losing game?

It is the end of asking-

Can love last forever ?

It is the beginning of –

Can love2shop vouchers be used at sydevore?

The end of : Love can set you free

This is the era of: Only love can hurt Sam Smith like this

In lieu of asking,

Does love heal all the scars?

Does love have an age?

We muse on,

Does Lovejoy marry Charlotte?

Or does love fade away?

Now people bleed their hearts out in poems

For the ones they love the most

But they never get to see it

With all the sponsored posts

This is the end of love of the primitive age

This is the start of love in the google age.

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