As the weekends came, our heart is filled with joy, spending time with family and friends, going for movie or enjoying food on our special demands made by our mum or wives. Sometimes we work under SO much stress and we have to work hard to achieve our goal in limited time period, our health, body and skin receives return gift in a negative way.
 From Monday to Friday, our body and mind become so much exhausted that skin becomes dull, pimples starts to appear on our face, body starts to lose its shape and our face loose its glow. Life is hectic and in competitive world and ambitious life, we fail to observe how much tired we look.
 So, I am trying to share few tips to refresh your body for coming weekdays.
  • Drink water and no to caffeine: – Starts consuming water at least 8-9 glasses per day and switch off your cup of tea or coffee intake with fresh juices or best to eat whole fruit. They detoxify your body and restore skin glow.
  • Book a Spa session: – This therapy relaxes your body and mind too and took you to another world. Do not ignore your body. Spa along with massage improves our blood circulation and using the essential oil and traditional herbs sooth our nervous system and calm our mind.
  • Spa sessions removes dead layers of skin and make our body lighter and shines to next level.
  • It is effective way to soothing your nerves and relieve all your body tensions.
  • Spa and massage improve blood circulation and increase metabolism results in weight loss.
  • It makes person emotionally charged up as endorphins releases after taking spa. It enhances the immune system and slows down the aging process.
  • It is best who suffers from lack or less of sleep as it calms their mind and soothe nervous system and get adjusted to regular sleeping pattern
  • Laughing: – It is an excellent way to take away all tiredness and tensions that we all are suffering in our hectic life.
  • It can be performed individual or in group form.
  • Laughter yoga include 4 things: –
          – Clapping in rhythm
          – Breathing and stretching
          – Child-like play
          – Laughter exercise
  • It tones your muscles and improves our respiration.
  • It gives feel good” factor with the release of stress busting endorphins.
  • It has power of curing mental and physical illness.
  • Go for herbal tea: – Herbal teas can be our best companion on all days because it is easy to make with simple fresh or dried herbs or leaves.
  • Chamomile tea- It has soothing effect that helps in reducing stress level and gives better sleep. Chamomile flowers are infused in hot water for five minutes and tea is ready. It also reduces irritability.
  • Rose tea: – The sweet smell of rose beat stress and calm our mind. Use fresh or dried rose petals and let them turn dark in water.
  • Peppermint tea: – This is best remedy for stomach upset and to fight with cold and flu. It also works as natural muscle relaxant.
  • Green tea: – It is very common tea now a days as it is the wonder drink for healthy living. It has antioxidant and detoxifying content so it is preferred in morning time.
  • Pedicure and manicure: – It is also important to take care of your hand and foot. Due to continuous walking or wearing high heels and regular exposure to chemicals and sun, both loses its natural look. So, it is highly advised to book a salon to pamper yourself.
  • Read a book: – Reading a book or novel is always a good habit. So always carry and read a novel instead of checking emails or gossiping with friends while waiting to pick-up your 6-year old daughter at swimming practice.
  • Mental silence: – By reading the word do not get confused. I mean by silence with meditation.
 It is again getting popular now days as it does magic on our body and mind. It brings peace to your mind, boosts your body and also cut you from crazy and unnecessary things going in head. It brings glow and sweet smile on your face and allows you to think positively.
But if it is impossible to relax your mind and sit silently, join meditation classes with expert meditate coach.
  • Take good and healthy food: Eating home-made food is always a healthy habit. On weekday’s we are in so much hurry that we try to make easy and packed food as our choice because we have to reach at our workstation on time otherwise our boss will be angry. In that case we compromise our health for five days in majority of cases buy 2 days break is the best time to refuel our body with yummy and nutritious food.
  We cannot recharge our body by filling it with all junk’s food. It will make you fatty and invites all other risks. Always use our Indian spices available in the kitchen as they are secret treasure to keep one free from diseases.
These minerals, fiber, vitamin, nutrient rich food replenish your nervous and immune system as well, not possible with that MAC DI burger or extra cheese pizza etc.

               ‘Great weekends are the secret to weekdays success.’

Weekends are something about giving brain a break. If our brain is not relaxing at all, our quality of life has to pay its price. If you want to know any above-mentioned tips in details, comment below, I would love to impart my knowledge with my beautiful viewers.

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