Wake up early in the morning is best idea to make your whole day schedule perfectly. It is not easy task to get up early, but not impossible if we make a firm determination and make it as a habit. One of the most important aspect for that we have to get enough sleep throughout the night ,and for that it is very important to switch off all gadgets and keep it away from bedroom.
Early morning riser can make a healthy daily routine and easily follow it without a guilt.
He or she can inhale fresh oxygen by morning walk or spot jogging, by doing yoga asanas like kapalbhati,alom-vilom etc, enough time for exercise sessions to adopt lifestyle better and can achieve fit body.
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Exercising early in morning makes us more energetic through out the day.It becomes our routine and less chances of missing it out.
  • Now early riser can manage household chores smoothly without yelling on any member.
  • Getting enough time to do breakfast properly and it is most important meal of the day and with a smile and satisfaction whole day can be spent without frustration.
Its my personal experience that on weekdays everything is done on its time without shouting on my kid. But on weekend it is totally opposite because of getting late ,my whole work routine gets disturb and make me angry for whole day. It happens with all in someway.
  • We can do our office work, home routine, or school work more efficiently as we get peaceful sleep and wake up with fresh mind and health body. Work productivity increases leads us more wealthy.
  • In evening time we still feel fresh and no laziness and can give appropriate time to our all family members and especially kids. Partners can spend some quality time.
  • Sleep quality and duration is also improved by going early in bed and this habit needs to be established for long life. Our body internal clock need some time to adopt new sleep routine.
  • It reduces our mental stress level as we are not in rush to catch up with something because we have enough time.
  • Morning timings are very creativity hours as there is no noise, no shout, no cooker whistles are happening around. So amazing new concepts came. We have spare time in our hands for extra activities which bring smile on our face. It give us inner strength by relaxing our mind. Many of our legendary writers wake up early and write such beautiful stories, blogs,articles,journals.
 Early rising is the secret for a happy and healthy life. We have to follow law of nature that is go to bed early and take 6-7 hours of sound sleep and wake early so that we achieve maximum benefits of whole day.
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 In early morning, we can hear birds  chirping, flowers open up to the rays of sun, the breeze is cool and soothing  and we can enjoy nature magic. Morning walk and exercise rejuvenates our body regain our mental and physical strength.
 So wake up in the morning and whole day shake your body with beautiful smile ,shining and flawless skin, healthy body and mind.

“Early to Bed and Early to Rise Really Works”

If you want to know about tips and tricks of how to become early  riser, leave a query in a comment box, I will love to share my knowledge on that important part.

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