Caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soda and chocolates and it depends on type of brand, leaves we are using to make it. Tea or coffee is most popular drink in world. As Indians, in 90%of houses our kitchen door opens first for making milk tea otherwise we cannot perform our household chores. We enjoy coffee as an excuse to discuss official talks, coffee day or meeting is now in fashion these days. We have become so much addicted that we consume 4 to 5 cups of tea in a day. But excess of anything has adverse effect on our body. I am not saying to stop tea or coffee totally and all of a sudden, that’s why I am sharing few useful tips to get rid of caffeine addiction slowly.

Cut down caffeine intake smartly

Start decreasing number of cups of tea or coffee mug is first step. If you take 5 tea cups on daily basis, go for four and then 3 and so on.
Second step is to cut down sugar intake and replace your full fat milk with low fat milk. Reduce your tea cup to medium or small size is best way. At Starbuck order medium shots of espresso instead of big one.
It is important step to slowly reduce coffee or tea intake because we might experience withdrawal symptoms like headache, tiredness, anxiety, irritability etc.

Go for herbal teas

Herbal teas like green tea has much less caffeine amount and plus they have powerful antioxidants. Dandelion root coffee is another coffee like alternative with no caffeine and is made up of dried, roasted dandelion roots.
• Herbal tea is a special boon for our society as it can detoxify your body on regular basis to have fun and to stay healthy at same time.
• It makes our skin younger and flawless.

Take a power nap

Peoples choose for coffee or tea as they feel sleepy at workstations or at home. Go for a short break sleep or rest silently by closing your eyes for 10 minutes really do magic.
Napping in office can be fussy for your boss, so always take nap during break time and can use vibrating alarm clock if required.
Now some companies offer nap room for their employees.

• Always prefer 15-20 minutes nap as it improves alertness and performance among shift workers.
Best solution to be fresh for rest of day is not to have tea cup or coffee mug, but to go for power nap and see its result after some time on your promotion or creativity ideas.

Stay hydrated

Drink more filtered water or fresh lemon juice. It acts as counteract to suppress our caffeine cravings.
• Always drink water before walk to boost and to stay hydrated.
• Freshly squeezed juice contains large quantity of water which provide natural skin glow, keep metabolism active, and maintain our health in right direction.

• It is packed with soluble fiber and more antioxidants content which helps in smooth digestion and boost metabolism.
So always carry water bottle instead of carrying tea bag or coffee beans packet.

Go for probiotic food

Some caffeine lovers suffer constipation or indigestion as they remove liquid (caffeine)fluid from their diet. We suggest to intake probiotic foods like green bananas, yogurts, pickles, buttermilk, mozzarella or cheddar cheese, chocolate, green olives etc.


They are incredibly healthiest choice over coffee mug.
• It helps to boost our immunity system and keep our digestive system on track.
• It speeds up our metabolism and helps in weight loss.
• Probiotics prevent diarrhea and reduce its severity.
• It helps to relieve skin issue.
• Its flush toxins and chemicals from body that are responsible for ageing and prevent wrinkles formation.

Increase physical activity

 As a human being, it’s our natural tendency to be tired or lazy at work office, so to become active we order tea or coffee and gradually we become addicted to caffeine products.
Best idea to go for fifteen minutes’ walk or stand up and do some stretches and motivate other staffs also.

At lunch time go for nice spot to enjoy your homemade food items.
It does not matter whether you take a walk outside or in office area.
• Short walk will make you feel refreshed and alert.
• Walking pumps oxygen via veins, brain, muscles.
• It opens up a clear flow of ideas and increase creativity by calming our nerves and relax our brain for short period of time and also provide numerous health benefits.
• It strengthens and tones our stiff joints by sitting hourly on a desk.
• Breathing while walking breath out all stress by improving blood circulation.
According a study author Murray New lands founder of Due, it has been proven that how two times 15 minutes’ walk daily at work time increase company productivity by 30%.

Eat protein -rich snack

A handful of nuts, mix seeds homemade energy balls, coconuts chips, peanuts, smoothies, granola bars, makhana, etc and many more healthy snack options to feel awake are listed in my evening snack blog. Click link to know more They are healthy energy booster.
• Indulge habit of healthy snack options in your office will make your team happy and also improves focus and productivity automatically starts to increase.
• At home also why to always opt for tea or coffee when healthy and filing snacks are available at our kitchen countertop.
• Snacking can easily manage your caffeine cravings and keep blood sugar at optimum level.
So, my amazing viewers, my main concern is not to skip tea or coffee totally and suddenly from your daily routine. Gradually and steady wins the race. After reading some tips can you
answer me a question in comment box surely, what is your favorite caffeine -free get energized or still caffeine -addicted?

Initially as you start to cut tea or coffee amount that you consumed in a day, you may suffer some headache, dizziness like symptoms, because your body is so much addicted to that drink. So be patience and believe in yourself and you can surely win the battle.
So, I hope after reading this blog, most of my caffeine lovers slowly try to adopt these tips and surely get rid of this addiction.


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