On a sunny clear day, you can improve your body;

                On a rainy foggy day, you can improve your mind.

As the word monsoon comes in our mind first thing comes beautiful rain and gol gappas, fried aloo tiki, pakora, and how could I have forgot bhuna Hua bhutta with lemon and salt with hot masala tea. It brings automatically smile on our face and cherish some marvelous moments like smell of wet soil, playing, dancing and getting wet in the rain with friends.

We should enjoy this rainy season fully but, we need to be extra alert as there are more chances of viral fever, weakens immunity system, water -borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, and more susceptibility of dengue, chikungunya, malaria etc.

Sudden change in temperature and high humidity may be the reason for health risks, as our immunity becomes weak.

So, I am going to tell you some of important but easy tips to stay fit and hit in monsoons.


1) Eat seasonal fruits

  • Include locally available and rainy seasonal fruits like apple, jamuns,mango,banana,peaches,plums,pomegranates,cherries,all-time favourite papaya, pear etc.
  • Basic rule is that it is need for our body to eat seasonal fruits to get accustomed to climate conditions.
  • We can have essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants from these fruits.

2) Eat steamed veggies

Always opt for steamed salad or little cooked vegetables form, not raw one as they contain active bacteria and viruses in rainy seasons, make us more prone to infections.

3) Consume boiled water

  • Always carry your water bottle while travelling especially. If possible, make habit of consuming lukewarm water, as boiling water kill harmful microorganisms.
  • Drinking lots of water detoxify all toxins and make our digestive system clean.
  • We can also drink warm water infused with ginger, honey and black pepper to boost our immunity.
  • Other options like saunf water, ajwain, lemon with mint leaves water, dalchini, coriander water.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.

4) Bitter is better

Always prefer to eat all gourd vegetables like bitter gourd or karela, bottle gourd or lauki, parwal or pointed gourd, ridge gourd or turi, apple gourd or tinda carrot ,radish, beans and bitter herbs like neem ,methi seeds ,turmeric as they positively impact our immunity power. They have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties to keep us free from flu, cough, cold infections. Gourd vegetables are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, and high in fibre content. Lauki is included in low-calorie diet, so keeps your tummy light.

5) Herbal teas

Most of Indians have habit of consuming  bed tea in morning time. Always go for herbal teas  is best mantra to keep us disease free. Teas like ginger- tulsi,lemon grass,cloves,black pepper,cinnamon,cardamom,fennel or saunf tea etc. There are so many options.

6) Homemade hot soup

Soups are nutritious, quick and good snack choice during rainy seasons. They give instant energy, easy to digest and high in protein aids in weight loss as well. Always add chopped ginger, garlic and black pepper to your hot soup as it doubles the taste and also improve our digestive capacity.

7) Always wash your vegetables with salt water, or baking soda water. Wash before peeling and do not soak veggies so long.

8) Consume milk in moderation because most of the peoples cannot digest it plane .So go for turmeric milk.

9) Go for nuts and dry fruits as they are rich in minerals,niacin,riboflavin,vitamin E and powerhouse of energy.


1) Avoid green leafy vegetables. Yes, you have heard it absolutely right. It is nutritionist first preference to go for spinach, methi, bathua, cabbage,cauliflower,broccoli  etc. as they fulfil our body nutrient requirements. But in rainy season, these veggies are great source of moisture, which multiply bacterial and virus growth.

2)  Avoid muskmelon, watermelon as they have high water content.

3) Avoid cut fruits  at vendors area. Do not eat junk food or roadside food.

4) Avoid fatty and deep-fried foods.

5) Avoid carbonated beverages like soda, coffee

6) Avoid sprouts and fermented food items like idli, dhokla,dosa, because bacterial growth rate is much higher make us fall sick.

7) Avoid consuming wheat flour three times a day. Go for oats,quinoa,buckwheat or kuttu ka atta ,rice flour, barley or multigrain Atta.

8) Avoid consuming too much salt as it makes us bloated and high blood pressure which welcomes all other risks.

9) Avoid sea food like fish, prawns   at least for three months as it is their breeding season and more chances of contamination occurs. If you still cannot resist, opt for fresh ones, stew, soups.


10) Avoid buttermilk, sour items like curd in this season

So, I hope now you all are ready to rock in monsoons by following these amazing tips to enjoy refreshing season. If you want to know about some ideas of monsoon diet plan, comment on it. I will definitely love to share my knowledge regarding that.


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