Evening Snack to Control Hunger Attack

As we listen the word of snacks, what comes in our mind? Yummy fried samosas, jalebi, pakora, burger, tiki, creamy biscuits, namkeen etc. But are these really healthy my friends? Just ask yourself!


Our minds say big NO. After some time, we again pick those attractive packing junk food with some thought in mind and try to choose healthy items. We can make it as deadly shot good habits and our kiddos also learn by watching us and in that way, children achieve good health in future.

To stay away from hunger attack

  • Indulge habit of mid -morning-evening healthy but yummy snack.
  • Make an eating schedule day wise in morning. Otherwise we go and grab unhealthy items.
  • Always keep healthy snacks around the table.
  • Get in to the habit of consuming wholesome, filling low calorie food items that I have listed below.
  • Never skip your breakfast and it should be balanced, nutritious and filling.
  • Keep yourself hydrated whole day which make your skin young, fit body, free of illness.
  • Do exercise regularly according to your health condition.
  • Chewing your food 32 times suppress appetite and make us full easily for longer time.
  • Get into habit of eating homemade snacks.
Evening time around 4:30-5:30 PM can be our determination breaker clock. It is the time when we become so greedy and take guaranteed that from tomorrow evening, we will be firm and would not break our diet schedule at any cost. Now twist came. This whole drama is going on for 2 months.
But a time came my friends when our health would not allow us to do cheat. Snack should have some protein and fiber to keep us satisfied until your next meal.
We can substitute fried and greasy snacks with healthy and delicious food items. So, let us start small trip to healthy snack zone. I am excited. Are you excited too.


1) Are you craving for chat do not think for Bhalla papdi or anything else. Go for sprouts. A colorful bowl of mixed sprouts like soaked chickpeas, black Chana, dry boiled kidney beans(rajma), soaked pulses and colorful finely chopped veggies like cucumber, tomato, onion, pomegranate seeds and sprinkle some chat masala with lemon juice and garnish it with coriander leaves. My mouth starts watering when I was writing about this splendid sprouts chat. Do not you?
It is a powerhouse of nutrients as it is loaded with vitamin K, vitamin C, protein, dietary fiber and fol ate.


Try these types of sprout chat once and you will surely make it as one of snacking choice as I do.

2) Peanut kernels

It is a good source of protein and suppress appetite nicely. Just roast and toss it with some chat masala and squeeze lemon and plain peanuts turns into healthy nuts.


3) Trail mix of nuts

Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pista, raisin, dates, dried apricot are power packet of antioxidants, rich in fiber which is good for weight loss. It is a great feeling to munch handful of mix nuts and they can be carried away in small box anywhere. So, it is also one of smart choice.


4) Fruit piece

Healthy snack need not to be messy and should not take so much time in preparation. Otherwise we can drop ideas to pick them and keep inside bag. So here comes juicy, colorful, portable and energy packed fruit turn like apple, banana, pineapple pieces, plum, peaches, guava, pear, orange, grapes or any seasonal and local fruit.


5) Banana with peanut butter

A magical combination of banana slices with yummy spread of peanut butter takes you in another world. It tastes so delicious. We can also make toast in just one minute by spreading peanut butter and banana slices and drizzle honey over it.
Carbs in banana and protein in peanut butter gives you instant energy and again recharge your body and mind.


6) Edamame L(green soybeans)

It is something new for us, but what a power snack, tasty and convenient to carry and can be eaten raw with some simple dressings or can be eaten with salad.


7) Smoothies

Perfect drink to fulfill our sweet cravings, to get all nutrients from fruits, veggies. Adding nuts and seeds boost its overall health benefits. After having any homemade smoothies our tummy become happy and satisfied for at least 3 hours. It re-hydrates and fuel our body.


8) Granola bars

They look like candy, youngsters and office going persons enjoy lot while munching it. Packed with fiber, proteins and keep you satisfied. There are so many variations like almond coconut, banana peanut, dry fruits, nuts and seed combination make it super delicious.


9) Apple and almond butter

It is a great combo of sweet, savory, yummy and full of protein. It is so simple and we have to cut apple slices and dip in unsweetened almond butter.


10) Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are undoubtedly healthy, especially high in B-vitamin and power store of protein. It is one of great portable snack idea. Consuming one hard boiled egg gives you six grams of protein and keep your tummy full until your next meal arrives and avoid overeating as well.


11) Energy balls

It is one of awesome idea to stay away from fried items. These bites are yummy, protein -pack, no baking required, easy to make and carry and can be made with simple but healthy ingredients like rolled oats, peanut butter, nuts, seed, jaggery or honey. I always keep these balls ready at my house.


12) Popcorn

It is so popular, filling snack and enjoyed by every age group. My daughter like cheesy popcorn very much. Combine popcorn with some Parmesan cheese increases its protein content. Popcorn is full of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and B vitamin.


13) Coconut chips

These healthy chips can be replaced with market potato chips.It is full of healthy fats and fiber ,you can much on it with no guilt.It can be easily made at home.Half cup serving of these chips is sufficient in evening.


After reading this treasure of snacks, ask yourself now what type of snack comes in your mind. If still fried things come then we have to work hard again, but healthy snacks options are at your reach then our job is done. I have tried to cover maximum snacks but still there are many more like makhana, bhuna Hua Chana, seeds etc. And one more important thing if you want to know some snack items in details please leave your query in comment box.



                           Stay happy and satisfied ! 



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