ZONE Analysis: A New way of SWOT Analysis

Every day in our life we come across a lot of inspirational and motivational videos, stories and quotes which encourages us to do something different, something which we would not do normally or to try something new. But moving out of our routine takes a lot of dedication and determination to work towards it. We even get into some pieces of training & courses to up-skill ourselves for our betterment and see progress within ourselves. These things define which zone are we getting into for our progression and perseverance. It counts on for both personal & professional lives to set and reach our goals.

The distinguished Zones where we usually find ourselves and how can we progress to hit our goals are mentioned as –

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The Comfort Zone/ Self- created prison:

Comfort zone is one of the easiest zones where we feel self-sufficient, self-reluctant, safe & controlled within that criteria. We feel confident and well-verse within it that we create a very own prison where 90% of us does not want to move from it and look against what is there for us and how to look for betterment. Given a situation, we prefer to-be assured to put our effort where we know how much we can perform and get onto the result. Here is the major issue takes birth of not growing and improving ourselves. This stops us to explore new things and abilities, discover new possibilities and try things differently.

Fear Zone / Panic Zone:

Fear zone is one of the deadliest zones which makes us step back on ourselves if we do not fight against it. This counts for lack of confidence, fear of failure, find excuses for not taking up risk on growth phase, procrastination, demotivated by others and their negative opinions. It is purely one own charge of realizing the changes one need and look for strong decisions to move out of the fear. One of the best things to do when we are in fear is, we can look for one of our well-wishers at our work / family/friends discuss what is missing within us to grow and move out of the zone and take suggestion & feedbacks on those criteria’s. We need to really open to take the suggestions & feedbacks and work towards it. I have personally seen doing this and improving myself in many areas of my growth and learning. If we fall onto the trap of others negative opinions and demotivation, we never grow.

Courage Zone/ Change Zone:

It is one level above the comfort zone where we try to move out of the self-prison state. It is the zone where we start looking changes and challenges within ourselves and see for growth possibilities. The courage zone counts for many difficulties of getting into changes, challenges, failures, self- development etc. but finally gets us into improvement criteria. This is the stepping stone for making the uncomfortable a comfortable change to accept the flaws, imperfections and way for strategic improvement.

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Learning Zone / The Extend Zone:

The learning zone is the peak curve where we are not working but pursuing the extra and extend ourselves out of the comfort place. This zone provides a lot of challenges & problems to deal with, attain & acquire new skills to up-skill ourselves, extend our comfort place to deal with the chaos. This is an opportunity to learn and mold ourselves to our next move, to know how good problem- solver and analyzer. It provides a place to create up growth and approach the right people for the right learnings. It is the space created between chaos & comfort zone where we move out of our comfort area, learn how to attain things without creating a fear & risk of failure and getting into chaos state and smoothly build our growth possibilities.

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Growth Zone / Fulfilment Zone:

There is a famous quote – “No Growth in the Comfort zone and No Comfort in the Growth Zone.”

Outside the comfort zone and crossing the courage, fear & learning zone is the growth zone. The growth comes with the right approach, right direction & step by step process of getting the right things. It is an awesome experience of embracing new experiences of doing something different and find the growth it something which we never expected. One of the instances of mine is my writing skills. I have written many essays at my schools and colleges and also participated in the writing competition. I always use to win on any kind of topics and I slowly tried putting the same effort on LinkedIn. I first read a lot of articles with different topics, did some intelligence on what kind of topics audience like the most and started learning the contents. Slowly I started my writing on LinkedIn and got a good number of audience views and responses which eventually embraced my writing skills. It is not always I got the attention to whatever articles I write. There are a few times when I could find the articles did not get much attention, but I never stopped. I tried different & new topics and I continue on it. That’s how I grow on my writing skills and now I have my own blog, I have written more than 40 articles on LinkedIn.

Putting together, the Growth zone counts for finding the objective, purpose, make dreams alive, conquer a new set of goals and attain fulfillment which we achieve through continues progression with the right focus and approach.

If we analyze ourselves through all these zones, we can easily predict where we stand now and how to make the next move to attain growth. The zone analysis is like the advanced version of SWOT analysis to know about us in and out, work towards it with the right approach and help ourselves to grow. We need to remember one thing that we are the person and no one else will help us to grow. If we do not work for we grow, then nobody will do.

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