Your Handwriting And Words Are Your Attitude!

Every one says when we see people and there expressions it shows a lot of things , like what is running in there head, what will be there next step. A lot of people had earned this capability to judge a person 90% correct using there experience and different learning techniques. But do you know handwriting  and words written by a person defines a lot about them and without even seeing a person you can learn about them.

Do you want to know about a person in detail and need to understand about there life just ask them to write something which is related to there like may be like a story or a letter . As a human being even a person try to write some false lines in beginning of there story but as some words will pass  they start writing true facts and then with those words you can just clearly read the mind of a person.


Just write yourself and see your handwriting , try writing straight lines and you will see automatically it will go either slanting left top to bottom right , or from straight to top right.

If a person letter slope is right then the person is of outgoing nature, if it is left then a shy nature and its straight then these people are independent ones. Capital letters are best to avoid as they are known for arrogance and smile are for humble nature people.

So How do you write! Attach your letter here for a Free analysis of your Handwriting!

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