Women Empowerment: Real or Fake?


Today is the day when Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) was signed. I was just thinking about this and felt like writing something on human rights. The most important human right is Right to equality which means everyone is equal in this world and equal treatment should be given to every human being. But in my view even after 68 years of implementation of UDHR by so many countries we are not able to protect this right.

Gender discrimination is the major challenge in this case. It is there in all social classes in the society. We think it is more in poor or uneducated families but the tragedy here is that it also there in the middle and high social class as well but in a different form. Being a female I feel so that even if we are qualified, hard working, dedicated, multi-talented or perfect in personal as well as in professional lives, we are not treated equal. This is not the case only in Indian culture but all over the world females face the same.

In today’s time we talk about women empowerment but in my views this is mere a term or propaganda to be made otherwise there is nothing like empowerment. In real terms this empowerment is more related to accepting more responsibilities only. If a female is educated and working in today’s time she is expected to perform well at the job, to earn money and to grow in career. Along with this she should be best in home making activities also. She should be a good cook, good mother, good teacher so that she can teach her children, a good home maker to do various household tasks and last but not the least she should be a good wife also who takes good care of her husband. More over if she knows driving that would be fantastic as she can now do the outdoor tasks also and that too without any one’s support or involvement because she is a super woman. She is educated so she can also manage finances and can plan for investments also. So, finally all banking and investment related tasks are also her responsibility. But still society says that males have more responsibilities and tension in their life. I don’t know how?

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