Will Robots Rule The World?

1.  By seeing the growing technology in field of robotics, every mind will have the question that “will robots rule the world?”. In this technological world, a robot is capable of doing anything even the things that a human can’t.

2. Robots like Asus Zenbo, Softbank Pepper, Jibo and many other are began to use in homes and offices. And that time is not too far that they are began to use in Wars and day to day life. We can imagine all those by seeing movies like I-robot, Chappie, Gigolo Joe A.I etc.

3. Obviously robots have advantages but with disadvantages also like a human have a fixed time of period of his/her life while a robot can live for years, they do not have any feeling or emotions. Technology is so advance that we cannot even predict that what is going to be come in next few years. We already have robotics in field like medical for performing surgery and soon our army will have too robotics technology for wars. Recent studies have also said that in coming year robot will be so advance that human can’t think.



4. Robots probably take over world someday, by getting jobs at the place of people because of their perfectness and skills in doing a work. People will have less to do. We have already seen the effects of robots like recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to shut down Fb AI robots after they made and began to communicate in their own language. Then it is a point of think that, if advance AI technology can able to develop the feeling in Robots in future then what will be going to happen? Are robots will help in positive way or they create their own world? All those will be going to see in future till then hope for better and think will robots rule the world?


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