Why You Should not Wear Same Shoes Daily ?

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There is a lot of talk circumventing concerning wearing a similar match of shoes every day and the negative effect that it has on your feet. Everybody has their most loved combine of shoes, and the reason that they are your most loved could be on account of they look and feel extraordinary when you wear them. Before we uncover whether it is truth or fiction to be wearing those shoes, we have to uncover the wellbeing reasons you ought not wear a similar combine of shoes each and every day.

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Here are the Reasons :

The Sweating Feet :

Whether you want to believe it or not, your feet sweat in those shoes no matter what precautions you are taking to the contrary. No amount of foot powder or feet antiperspirants can eliminate the fact the feet are going to sweat while trapped inside the shoes all day long.

Dirty Smelling Shoes :

 When you wear the same pair of shoes each and every day, you are not allowing them adequate time to air out. Most people who work eight hour a day jobs are dressed and ready hours before work, and usually don’t kick off the shoes until they are home for night, ten or more hours later.

Increased Chance of Fungal Infection :

Each day that you wear the same shoes again and again, the buildup of bacteria from your sweat can lead to a serious fungal infection. The reason for the infection is similar to walking around in the forest barefoot through wet areas for days. The feet never have the opportunity to dry, so you develop skin infections that are a direct result of the feet not being allowed to dry properly.

Recommendations About Shoes Wearing

Dangers of Sore Feet:

Each time you wear that exact pair of shoes, your weight is causing the cushions in the sole to compress. When you wear them day after day, you are pressing down on the same insoles, in the same spots, again and again.

Feet Pressure Points :

Every person has different pressure points on their feet, and when different pressure points are activated, you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It can be difficult to access different pressure points when the same shoes with the same matted down insoles are barely providing any resistance to the feet.

          ” Give your Shoes a Rest !! “




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