Why Backlash – Being Middle Class?

When talking about middle class most of people thumbs down as they are stuck in a flounder situation and they will never come out of this pain.But why to feel ashamed or embraced when it come to a class and we say yes I am from middle class family so why there is a pause or a pain?

After examine this issue I found rather than talking directly about class, people will tell you a story about their upbringing in their life and their several changes of status or circumstances held. This is slightly because, for most of people, class is bit knotty.

No doubt, therefore, Most of people feel it, & insist a, irrelevant apology. We have designed the phase of being middle class as inauthentic. As per polls toss around up to 70% might consider now as middle class so why shame?


Why every time we feel that whatever we will do it will come a negative only instead of making our mind positive or we give excuses when something negative happens so we give excuses of our family or friends rather than trying more harder because this is our life we have our own control on our life as whatever we do whether it result good or bad we know our inner soul that where we actually lack rather than consoling yourself in front of others as you nobody can’t lie from its inner soul.

Yes this is truth that being middle class arises lots of obstacles while taking admission in a college, applying for a job, to buy expensive closes etc. and if we see around us then the people who achieved success they have also come up with middle class back ground only & if we think life is full of adventures and at every sort of phase we have to crack the Ups and Down of life.


So it is only we who have to save middle class so when our inner soul will be happy then we won’t find a shame even calling that we are from middle class. Lets enjoy what we have and think how better we can make our future by fulfilling our dreams, desires.


Because Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


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