When Giving is Good and When It is Not


Reasons not to give up on life

There are times, occasions and circumstances when you MUST #GIVE-UP.

Then there are times, irrespective of the compelling situation you JUST #DON’T-GIVE-UP.

Then there are situations, when things feel too overwhelming, that you feel that, there is no hope whatsoever and you need to end the suffering by choosing to quit on life, YOU MUST #SEEK-HELP.

In many situations, giving up could be the best that you can do to yourself and maybe others around you.

Yet in many of the contexts, it is necessary to #rough-it-out by going through the most #overpowering-odds.

Our Facing the #difficult situations, in spite of all the #threats, #fears, #anxieties, #uncertainties, #risks – is the only sure shot recipe of long-term #happiness, #success, #growth, #development, #relationships, #satisfaction and #memorable and #meaningful-life.

Our society teaches us never to give up, it is just not true. Sometimes the #resulting #stress, #pain and other accompanying #experiences are not #worth going through them.

Many times, giving up could actually be the signs of your #courage, #power and #control.


Typical reasons which makes people want to give on themselves, others and maybe even their life


  1. Financial Crises
  2. Series of Career and professional failures
  3. Relationship issues, like break-ups, divorce, incompatible relationships*, cheating by spouse/partner etc. You can read about how to handle these in another website relationshipandhappiness.com
  4. Death of loved ones
  5. Long ongoing illness
  6. Being alone or loneliness – those who haven’t been in a relationship for a long period of time those who struggle to find the right partner*
  7. #Psychological issues*, many times some people have everything in Life and still feel like giving-up
  8. A series of failures and #setbacks
  9. Finding themselves #mis-fit, they can’t adjust to themselves being #unique*
  10. Being bullied by others constantly
  11. Being ridiculed, insulted and put-down by others
  12. Being #exploited by others, taken #advantage of by others
  13. Unable to stand up for themselves
  14. Unable to #fight-back or resist in face of difficult situation and people*
  15. They are not disciplined enough to work hard to get worthwhile accomplishments, as they have been getting everything very easily
  16. They only notice mistakes and failures, not the lessons of growth that these have brought
  17. They are focused on fast results
  18. They care more about the end results, rather than the entire process that is needed to reach that goal-post
  19. They can’t handle change and don’t want to learn, what can give take them to their dreams

All the # & * marked ones are the ones on which you can read #DIY tips in my different blogs in successunlimited-mantra.com as well as in relationshipandhappiness.com




  1. When quitting something, gives you a chance to do more meaningful things & those which can make You a better yourself
  2. Trying to #Change others
  3. Trying to #Control others
  4. Having #Expecting from others
  5. Doing nothing yet expecting wonderful results
  6. #Quitting without #trying
  7. Letting your fear take control of you to stop you from #doing what you can
  8. When your #actions may cause hurt, loss or pain to others
  9. Doing the same things, the same way again and again and expecting different #results
  10. #Suppressing your feelings OR not expressing your opinions
  11. Trying to please everyone
  12. Living life as per other’s #wishes
  13. Letting your fear of what others would think #guide your life
  14. Feeling bad about your past #mistakes and #failures
  15. #Living your life in #past
  16. Feeling bad or reluctant to seek help from others
  17. Not being assertive to claim your #rights
  18. Blaming others for their situations
  19. Feeling like victims always
  20. Not living life of your dreams and passions
  21. Having people in your company, who are toxic. Meaning, they constantly pull you down, insult you, berate you, drain your energies, make you feel bad about yourself
  22. When pursuing some objectives or goal, is making you really, really unhappy
  23. When the only reason you haven’t quit already is because you’re worried about what other people will think
  24. You’re the only person who shows interest and is working, in solving the problem or reaching the goal, but the outcome also depends on other people, especially in relationships
  25. Doing something makes you feel poorly about yourself or makes you hate yourself

Now let us see, when we need to JUST PUSH OURSELVES – for complete article https://successunlimited-mantra.com/index.php/blog/when-to-give-up

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