What is REAL DHAN?


Now a day we are living in a “Techno World”. Everyone is advising go for digital worlds so that you have time for yourself or your family. But actually can we say that will it be successful for ourselves.


We all people are busy with Internet or mobile phones all the times. Even at home we are ignoring our family. We are forgetting our priority towards our family.

We have all become quite proficient at multitasking in our busy lives, but spending quality time with family means not answering the phone or checking e-mails.

We all are running for DHAN. But have you ever thought about what is the actual meaning of DHAN.

According to me the actual meaning of DHAN when a child needs his father’s time and father keeps his mobile away, switches off the TV and gives his 100% to child, that moment is DHAN for the child.

When even after 20 years of weeding the husband still tells his wife ‘I Love You’ and appreciates her for what she is with all honesty those moments are DHAN for the wife.

When Parents are old and they get time from their children, those moments are DHAN for the family.

Don’t forget that your every move is being watched. Time spent with family is worth every second. So try to give a REAL DHAN to your family.


RITU GAUTAM (Asst Proffessor,DAVIM)
POOJA GOUR (Asst Proffessor,DAVIM)


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