What Being Single Vs In A Relationship Looks Like

Ever wondered the difference between being in a relationship and being single? Is it better to be single or in a relationship? Do you ever feel like switching roles because the other side seems to be having more fun? Read this to understand how relationships and being single actually work.

Well here we go!

1. You fear that accepting one friend request could land you in trouble:

2. Phone conversations take on a whole new life:

3. Your beer cans transform into wine glasses during Valentine’s Day:

4. And then there are times when you have to choose between hanging out with your gang or your gal –     and you choose the latter:

5. What your wallet looks like when you’re single vs. when you’re in a relationship:

6. You start going to movies without having any interest in really watching them:

7. You start staying online on Whats App chatting late without having anything significant to say:

8. Your speedometer needle is always titled towards the left and Life goes by a lot slower when you’re         with the one you love:

9. When it comes to dating, it often feels like feast or famine. As soon as you get paired up, that’s when       everyone seems to take notice:

10. Phone ringer single vs. in a relationship:

12. But in the end, there’s a feeling of being complete while single guys may feel the emptiness of not having someone to fall back to:


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