We – The Decision Changers

At 7 Am this morning,when you wake up the sunshine may give you a new thought , a new decision of life, an energy to do something in life and then the day starts. But does the graph of your energy really gets sustain the whole day as it was in the first hour of morning.
We All as Decision Makers are experts Decision Changers as we believe in quick changing of decisions whether it is life of an Individual or an organization or a corporate. Sustainability and Discipline is mother of growth which seems a challenge for an individual to follow and take it to an extreme level.
Is it really difficult for the one to follow certain rules of life and follow the decisions taken . Do Ask yourself and see the answer will  not be easy.

Here are Top 3 things you can use to get some Decision Disciplines in Life

a) Less Thoughts : Pen Down whatever comes to your head , write it down on a piece of paper , so next time when you are thinking again then you can go ahead and review the previous papers you wrote so ideas won’t repeat resulting in saving of your time and energy.
b) Avoid Multi Tasking – One of the most dangerous things, imagine you are writing an email and suddenly a thought arises in your head, what you will do? Most of the people will stop writing that email and start thinking or will move to another task resulting in never finishing of that email.
c) Follow your own goals : Do set your goals on daily basis. You must have played video games a lot , imaging once you have achieved a Level then only you can move-ahead to an upper level , just use the video game technique in real life.
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No notion can be converted to real, till the time it is not properly documented and followed in one direction – one decision.

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