Wander your thoughts

Dive into and you will feel the calm
Your own thoughts sounds like the sacred psalm
It is the darkness potrayed always as negation
In reality a place where chaos meets salvation
Tears purify your soul as the holy water of Ganges
When you try to reason out from millions of broken phrases
Thoughts keep striking the mind as the tides hit the shore
In search of an explanation , soul wanders door to door
Loneliness is what it seems to the outer world
But to you it is where the fakeness and reality untwirles
A place where you enter weak but walks out as the strength
A place devoid of physical description of name or length
It is the sphere where you diclose your real self
You become your angel, the devil and the elf
And only after the end of this war , you have endured
A war where no one looses as victory is for sure
You rise in peace like a boult from the blue
Indeed a zone every one of us needs to dive into.


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