Virtual Reality – The Future Of Gaming

What is VR?

As the name suggests, virtual reality is a kind of simulation through which we can enter an alternate and virtual world by using unique electronic devices like screen fitted headsets and sensored gloves.

Technological advancements
The virtual reality has evolved much from the day it was introduced. Started from the Virtual Boy by Nintendo, the industry has grown pretty much to flaunt its gadgets like :
● Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a powerful gadget owned by facebook. It provides realistic graphics for an immersive experience to the user.  


● HTC Vive

● Playstation VR

Moreover, Virtuix Omni, gives user the ability to walk, jump, or sprint in a 3-D simulated world using a sensored tredmill.

Future Aspects
At present, only a few games support VR. Few examples of games which make the list are FarCry & Battlefield. But, we can expect a huge upcoming in the field by 2k18 which will bring us all new VR gears and exclusive games which will support VR.

All image sources : Google,inc.

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