Virtual Learning is good, but classroom learning is IRREPLACEBALE



With the Covid19 outbreak , there is a huge impact on educational institutes. E-learning has emerged as a boon in the country.

E-learning has been innovative but still it cannot replace traditional classroom teaching.

Students somewhere are liking the virtual classrooms as they don’t have to wake up early and can study comfortably at their homes.

Even though e-learning is innovative but classroom learning still remains the best choice for the students. In classroom teaching daily interaction with the teachers and peers help them to understand each other better. With physical sports competitions, art and cultural activities etc students learned to deal with life more efficiently.

No doubt, that the technology has been proved as a merit during this crises time but classroom learning contributes in character development of an individual. Also the experiential learning in a classroom cannot be avoided.

Virtual learning is not expensive , it just needs an internet connection to study online. But in India almost more than 60 percent population still lives in rural areas. These days, the villagers have internet accessibility but most of them still struggle to understand the concept of virtual learning. Whereas , there are small schools in rural areas where the children get the basic elementary education. They find it more convenient then online class.


Virtual learning is creating mental health issues among the students. Sitting in front of the laptop or mobile phone screen for hours is causing headache and eyesight problems.  Depression and mental stress are affecting the mindset of the young students.

People have started living in virtual world than real world. They are becoming the part of virtual reality and facing social isolation .

Even though virtual learning is gaining utmost importance but the class room interactions are also vital.







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