Unrequited love

Unrequited love or one-sided love is the love that is not reciprocated as such by the beloved. Many of us have played a role of “unrequited lover” at least once in life. This is dedicated to that “unrequited lover” inside you.

 I find one thing very deviating about expressing love. We are able to say “I love you” to a friend so easily for whom love doesn’t mean as same you feel for your someone special but when this stubborn heart actually falls in love with that special someone, we anticipate and worry about it so much. Saying “I love you” to that person becomes the most daring task in this world.

 You start believing in the language of the eyes. You don’t miss a single moment to seize the opportunity to catch a glance of her. You follow the person everywhere, at times you bunk classes, and screw your daily schedule just to observe her and know everything that she does.

A page dropped from her notebook becomes so close to your heart.

 This love makes you behave so dumb sometimes. You go to bed thinking about her and start planning what you will say to her when you’ll meet her next time. “I know you must be having many friends. I want to be your friend. By saying a “yes”, you will just add another name to the long list of your admirers but I will get my world! I will get a reason to live, a reason to adore my life!”. All the plans that you make before sleep may work at times in our dreams but when she comes in front of you, you forget everything and just look at her pretty face.

There’s a poem on behalf of those unrequited lovers whom words are still wandering somewhere in their lonely heart.

 Maybe he is tracing your thoughts and life,

Maybe he is looking at your eyes secretly,

Maybe he is waiting till you come,

Maybe he is following your steps,

Maybe he is dreaming of holding your hand,

Maybe he is loving you more than you think,

His eyes tell you about the untold story of his love.

But his words are still silent. Why?

 Because he is an unrequited lover who loves you unconditionally and expects your smile and happiness and nothing else. Unrequited love is indeed the purest form of love because an unrequited lover is that blind person who enters a black room searching for a black cat which is not even present there. It comes with no conditions, no expectations and no demands.


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