Transform lives: One School at a Time

In India, there are about 1.5 million schools for primary and secondary classes. More than half of these schools have not been renovated, redeveloped or painted from forty year. The conditions of government schools are getting deteriorated. Many a times we heard in news paper that due to no toilet facilities students especially girls are not able to come into the schools. We need to change the current situation of existing Indian government schools. Its a time that we need to do it now or else time will never come to improve the conditions of these schools, and our half of young youths are studying in these pathetic conditions, whose voices are remain silent and not able to come outside of these black dark walls.

Defunct toilet which is of no use, with no water connection into it
Classroom wallls with full of holes in black board as well as in walls also their is no electric line facilities, no doors and windows


About 67% of the schools of India doesn’t have sanitation facilities, separate toilets for boys and girls. More than 50% schools don’t have drinking water facilities in the schools promises.
Government, local bodies and many corporate bodies are trying hard to improve the conditions of government school’s infrastructure and quality of life of students thereby.


Transforming lives: One school at a time is the flagship program of S.M Sehgal foundation, headquartered at Gurugram. Many MNC’s and individual donors are coming forward to change the lives of the school’s children and bring the positive impact in the society.

Government schools were identified from two district- Nuh (earlier Mewat) and Alwar of Haryana and Rajasthan States. In 2018-2019 total number of 3 schools from Nuh & 12 schools from Alwar district have been renovated, those schools were also provided like skill education, Kitchen, Garden and digital literacy as well.

In the conceptualising the school in a fashinable way which attracts more children to enter into the school and stay for the longer time, one state of the art air-planed shape digital class room has been built in Indragarh government school, which is a only school in all over India with airplaned shape with 43 inch led tv set up to digitise and teach the students with the help of internet. This air planed class room can accomodate upto 40 students at a time. .

Government officials have already appraised such beautification of schools and they have also taken forward by replicating it in other government schools of Rajasthan.

All the fifteen Schools which were renovated, they have now separate clean toilets for girls and boys and for physically handicapped students, live painting in classroom walls, rainwater harvesting facilities in Schools, seating facilities for children and many other facilities. In 2019-2020, 8 schools of Alwar, 2 schools of Mewat and 2 schools of Faridabad have been identified which will be renovated like a newly build private school high class facilities.

If more funding partners corporates and alumni’s come forward to change the standard of govt. school, then only it can actually happen government solely can not change the conditions of school soon.

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