There are times when each and every one of us have to think about convincing our parents for something or the other. Even before doing something or planning something, the thing what comes to our mind first is

Will my parents agree ?

What Will I Say To Convince Them ?

I as an individual don’t have to think about this question as I don’t have to make so much efforts in convincing them whereas I find many others struggling with it.

Today, I’m Going To Tell You Why It Is Easy For Me..

I will be telling you 10 simple ways to follow which can make your parents not say “No” to you for any of your plan.


If you develop trust between you and your parents that’s gonna help you life long and that can be done by just simply being “honest”.

Be HONEST about everything .Where you are going ? With Whom You Are Going ? For What Purpose You Need money ? Tell Them Everything !!

This always helps them to understand that you are not going for something wrong ; Your reasons are genuine and since you’ll start being honest with them and share every bit with them, They will trust you with your plans in future, They will give you what you want and let you go wherever you want.


Whenever you go out with your friends and come back home. Don’t just go back and lay there in your bed.The Key to gain your parents trust and support in future for your plans, You should SHARE !!

If not everything but something that you did with them.

If not a plan, you can even do that on a daily basis the good and the Bad that happened to you all your day, sharing that much also helps to build your connection with your parents.


Your parents are always concerned about you, that’s why they are reluctant when you tell them that you are going to help so and so person or you want money for some specific purpose or you want to go out with someone.

Make sure your parents know your network of friends, About your close friends.

If it’s a financial help then tell them about the urgency of the issue or about the person’s problem who you are going to help.Make sure you have shared your friends contact information with them if they need to contact you in an emergency.

When they know about the person beforehand,  you don’t have to think about convincing them so much.


If you take the initiative of asking, discussing and taking permission from your parents before you go ahead with something , that makes them feel happy that they and their choice have some importance to you and they will consider it that you didn’t finalize the plan before asking.!

No matter what kind of bond it is , each and everyone of us at the end of the day want some form of importance and being prioritized by the people that we are close to.


Its not always that they are going to say a YES and its not always that they are going to say a NO .There will be time when they will not let u go with you friends for shopping or allow you for the night stay. Have Patience !!

When you obey their decision of not doing something once , this shows the sense of respect you have for them and for the thing they told you not to do.

Next time, when you will come up with something they will remember each and every bit of your past behavior.And maybe keeping that in consideration they let you do what you wanted to do next time.


No matter how old you get but for your parents ,you will always be a child.

After all they have more experience than you of people grounded you.

Whenever you go out even in your daily routine and you inform them by just giving a call and telling about everything that Where you are ? With whom you are ? why you are with them or at that place and for how much time !

Doing this They feel relieved from the stressed thought of where ? With who ? In How much time you will come home ?Also, It develops you communication with your parents

So next time you are out with your friends just give a call telling them you’ve reached safely so and so place and tell them not to worry about it.


If you have not been quick with your tasks that you are assigned by your parents or by your school or college. That may be a reason that they hit you back with a “NO”.

When you are about to ask for something

Make sure you have completed all your tasks assigned to you.If Not all but some of the important ones. Dont give them any reason to not let you do something.


Take a note of your parents mood

It all depend on mood- If its good ??you wont need to make much efforts but if its bad no matter what tips and tricks you follow its going to annoy them even more.

Approach them with a calm and polite manner don’t just go and harshly say

” I am going with so and so “

” I want this so and so thing”

Rather using these phrases you should use

” Can I go or do so and so thing if you dont have any issues”

Dont argue , go soft and put things straight to the point when your parents seem relaxed and happy to have the discussion.

Usually, family dinner time is a safe bet.


As an individual everyone has desires that we want to fulfill our needs in our daily lives.But our parents are our head of the department before we do anything. Do NOT try out any wrong things means to complete and execute the plan that was said NO to you by your parents. What if you land into some trouble and then you will have no option but to call you parents for help. How will they feel when they will find out that you betrayed them.

One Wrong decision Spoils All The Good You Did and that will take you back to square one and you have  to start all over again and build trust of your parents towards you.


Once You start improving your communication with your parents and follow the above small small steps you will see eventually things will start getting better.They Will Ask You Less Questions Whenever You Will Come Up With Something Next Time. As long as you are not doing something wrong, sharing everything and obey them, it build your bond with them and they start understanding you from your point of you.

Hope, these steps help you build your communication with your parents and makes you think less on taking out ways on how to convince them for something 🙂 


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