People  has always been with different verdict and views.Now if we talk about opinion then there are collision between two minds and groups.Youth is the future in terms of both living and technology.

Peer Group looks for new improvement and considers themselves  to be brighter than the one before it. Also, present generation is further intensifying than previous generation or their elders.

We all  are always buoyant for future generations, and we assume they create more opportunity for themselves.


Today’s generation is becoming selfish ruthless and self obsessed. They aren’t left with any emotions , feelings or sentiments.

If we do compare today’s scenario with the prior then we are left with huge difference, the present has totally evolved and is prone with amendments of attitude , philosophy and line of thoughts.

There was a time when a huge bond reflects between parents and children , a thick opaque sheet has always presented between them resulted in respect and honor from children for their parents.

In  today’s era everyone  is being  so advance and elevated , no matter whether the person is an adult or a child. With the upgrading technology , thoughts are  too being upgrading.

Children today do not want their parents to ask anything about their life they do not want any kind of interruption and are least interested in any kind of interrogation from parents neither in the

matter of career nor generally. secretive behavior is on the top among the people mostly youth. I am quite astonished and a bit feeling shy thinking, is really feeling honor and respect from

children for their parents is being declining day by day. Everyone specially today’s youth is running after more and more luxuries.
In the decision of good examples, youth are the same as seniors. Mahatma Gandhi, trailed by Indira Gandhi, develop the two most prominent decisions.

Three figures merit uncommon notice here: Bhagat Singh is as yet something of an adolescent role model, Dr. Ambedkar’s status as a national legend has ascended in the most recent couple of years, and President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has charmed himself to the more youthful era.

There are not very many indications of progress in the matter of social and family values. Three-fourths trust in God, and most love routinely. As their guardians do, the adolescent are likewise

against dating. They likewise support the perspective that marriage ought to happen inside one could call one own position group, and that folks ought to pick their accomplices. Indian youth

additionally support staying with folks after marriage, and trust that it is their obligation to care for folks.

What  i have observed being surrounded by so many people of varying ages that satisfaction a mere feeling of fulfillment and triumph is being faded day by day people

are not satisfy with what they have but are truly jealous of what others have and are really very busy in thinking that why we can’t have or how we can have that. People today wants nothing but everything – nothing in terms of emotions , bonding,

commitment and everything in terms of money , freedom , all types of extravagant. Therefore there are some negative aspects and positive aspects.

In today’s life one needs to be self centered but there should be a thin line of identity where person should know that selfishness can drown you even.


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