Time for Green Vegan Bags!

For past few months, people and brands have become more conscious of the kind of products they are offering because consumers are gaining awareness and the boost to step up and join in the revolution to save the Earth. From eliminating plastics to “Bring your own Cutlery”, many activities have been initiated by the youth as a part of green revolution. With the change of consumer demands, fashion industry too couldn’t help but own up their mistakes and take steps to curb the problems and join hands with the ongoing revolution. 

 Vegan leather, an oxymoron, is the ethical and cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather.  It’s known by different names—artificial leather, synthetic leather, faux leather. But in essence, it is meant to look and feel like traditional leather without any of its ethical concerns. Given the leather and tanning industry is one of the most polluting ones in the world, the vegan version is also a relatively more sustainable choice. The faux alternatives are made from a wide range of materials: cannabis, cork fabric and even waste flowers from temples. With a spike in demand for sustainable fashion, the Indian vegan leather market now has a number of brands ready with options.

Some of the famous Vegan Indian Leather brands are:

Some of the famous Vegan Indian Leather brands are:

  1. PAIO:

    PAIO is a Mumbai-based, PETA-certified vegan shoe brand that makes stunning, comfortable shoes for those seeking cruelty-free items. Its products are entirely handcrafted and also can be customised to size. It was founded in 2016 by Shweta Nimkar, who has been experimenting with fabrics, plant-based leather, mushroom leather and other kinds of vegan leather. PAIO has a diverse range of shoes for every occasion.

  2. Broke Mate:

    We all love to stock our closet with different kinds of bags. Totes, purse, slings. We need different bags for different occasions because one size can’t fit all. Bags are an important part of daily life and as a conscious consumer, it’s important to know how each of our usable items are made.
    Hence, introducing the Broke Mate. Cruelty-free, made-in-India, female-founded. Three very attractive reasons to go for Broke Mate’s range of vegan bags that fuse fashion with practicality. It’s a PETA-approved vegan certified company that’s passionately committed towards using cruelty-free materials targeted at conscious customers.

  3. A big Indian Story:

    We can’t say no to Indian ethnic styles. Culture plays an important role in our lifestyle. A Big Indian Story was founded to go with the motto to honour the local artisans, give an open space for their craftwork and give them their due lost credits due to the Fast paced, modern fashion industry. It’s all about ethical fashion at A Big Indian Story. The label works with traditional Indian artisans, adds contemporary design ideas and creates truly beautiful clothing, bags, jewellery, art and other products. It uses only natural fabrics, vegetable dyes and animal cruelty-free materials.

Next time, you may be carrying a bag proudly which will be made from flowers, mushrooms or maybe the pulp of a cactus! It’s time to go green! 


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