Losing myself, here, in
this small space, with you
Can’t find you, either:
it’s a different plane.
Making the most of our time,
going to new highs and lows.
I’m hanging by the edge of a cliff,
almost there, almost there:
I feel you the hardest.
One more stroke, one more push,
and I fall, I fall deep
Drowning now: in your sea,
looking you in the eye;
You’re as wasted as me.
Hurting, I’m hurting,
you kill me: one more time.
The sweet agony, I rise again
I’m touching the skies, soaring
above the clouds, high, so high;
The heat engulfs me,
you take me to places I’ve never been.
Reaching the highest, we both drop,
Hearts, purring together, coming
to a stop; Gazing at the world
inside your eyes, filled with
love and content, I wish,
This night lasts forever and ever

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