Things To Make Your Bridal Mehendi Dark And Long-Lasting

The beautiful style of mehendi and its color holds a special significance for each betrothed. It’s believed that darker the color of the bride’s mehendi, the additional love she’s going to get from her husband. On the opposite hand, some individuals conjointly believe that the bride with a dark-colored mehendi gets large love from her mother-in-law.

Things to try to before and whereas applying mehendi

  • Before applying mehendi, do wash your hands and feet with soap and dry them properly. Any cream or oil on your skin can act as a barrier, and minimize the Mehendi absorption into your skin.
  • Ask your mehendi creator whether or not they want recent piece of cloths, newspapers or the other things, before they begin applying henna. Sit a place wherever there’s correct light and fewer hustle-bustles.

Things to not do before and whereas applying mehendi

  • Avoid drinking an excessive amount of liquid simply before or whereas applying mehendi.
  • Do not move your hands up and down to dry your mehendi faster. It would get unfold by doing this. Also, don’t hop around or dance with wet mehendi because it will get smirched.
  • Do not dry your mehendi below any circumstances. This could smudge your style and ruin it.
  • Do not shave or wax your arms and legs when applying mehendi. It’ll scrape off the higher layer of your skin, and therefore the mehendi style can look pale. To confirm that you just don’t want any beauty care like manicure, pedicure and waxing done when the mehendi has been applied, get these items done simply 3 to four days before the ceremony.

Things to try to for lasting and dark mehendi

  • To get the most effective results for your day, it’s instructed to use mehendi a minimum of twenty four to forty eight hours before it.
  • Keep the mehendi on your hand for minimum seven to eight hours and most for twelve hours.
  • After your mehendi dries somewhat, dab a mix of juice and sugar thereon with a plant disease for a couple of times. You’ll be able to conjointly unfold some granulated sugar on the lemon, and directly apply it on the mehendi.
  • Once your mehendi dries utterly, rub it off and apply any balm or oil on your hands and feet.
  • Cover your hands with a cling film, bandage or the other similar factor, whereas getting to sleep or whereas performing arts the other ceremony.

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