7th June is the most yummiest day of this month. Today is the day when we celebrate the most popular ice-cream flavour day nationally i.e.National Chocolate Ice-cream Day. Chocolate Ice-Creams were came into existence in United States in late 19th century.

chocolate day

If we see scientifically, June is the hottest month of the year; in which we are celebrating by eating the ice-cream nationwide together in hotter summer days.It cools down the temperature of human body as well as the mood of a person.

It has an emotional or mental fact also. As 99.9% girls are crazy about chocolates. So chocolates makes them happy. If a girl is happy then her friends, family members, neighbours all are happy & she can make all happy as her mood is good.

Chocolates are “DESSERTS” we all know this. But do you know its opposite? Its opposite is “STRESSED” which means that eating lot of desserts will make you feel stressed free.


Chocolates & Ice-cream together can swing your mood in seconds. As chocolates will touch your heart & ice-cream’s coldness to your mind as well as body. One new thing we have learnt is whenever you are stressed eat desserts.


But it should not be excess, as excess of everything will be harmful to the person only. So be careful & live healty & chocolaty life.


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