It’s often said that forgetting the past and moving on in life is the only way one can progress. But sometimes, this theory fails. Our past describes us and provides the answers to all our weaknesses. This story is about my past, a simple girl born with undiscovered wings.

At the age of 15 I experienced something that was more horrifying than my worst dreams. My past, is my father. My father’s demise was something that changed my life, my family and everything else for me, forever.

It was something that i could not get out of, to see my mother lose her glow, to see my sister lose faith in god, to see my father disappear from our lives, was something that was devastating. Yes, devastating for me, and for everyone else who would have experienced it. Sometimes in life, when people go away, they not only take themselves away from us but they also take away masks of people surrounding us. Relatives changed, people’s opinion on us changed, and everything that was a part of our previously – happy life, changed.

But, this is not a story of sadness, a story of death. This is the story of how today, me, my mother and my sister being a part of an “all female home” are standing out there in the world, living up to our best, proudly and independently without any male that we need to support our actions.

There were times when people said that being in India we need a male to support us every time we went ahead with a major decision to take, there were times when people made me and my sister feel that we lacked of  a father, but then above all of that, we knew within us that though a place in our family was missing, but that didn’t deprive us of the right to live independently, our mother was working day and night for us and was there to support us at all times, and we were solely proud of that in spite of what the people had to say. Today, we three are ten times stronger women that we were 5 years ago and that is not because of our present, but because of our past.

Our past made us what we are today, it hurt us like anything but we came out of the well of the past and coped up with the outside world and are all up and front for taking a stand for ourselves. That’s how it works! Forgetting the past? No. Burying the past? No. Instead, dealing with your past to make yourself better is what it takes.

So come out of your well of the past and look out for all the opportunities the world has to offer you!


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