The War Inside – Its Difficult to Fight Within Yourself

Is it really difficult to fight within yourself? Thinking something and then doing something else, it’s a general approach by people. Is it really tough to do things which you have a passion for, which can make you smile and get you earn good money and growth in life?

We all strive for perfection, wants to learn something new and have the passion to earn money. Can we ask some questions and write their answers : 

  • Do you have passion in life to do something?
  • Do you wish/want to earn lots of money?
  • Do you want to build your reputation as Individual?
  • Do you see dreams?
  • Do you want to travel like a Rich?
  • Do you want to take a world tour in your life?

The questions are endless but the answer to the approach is common. Here are few tips to enlighten The War Inside you.

Tip 1:


Make a list of things you want to do, skills you wish to learn in this life. Do not keep them inside and think that mere keeping them inside will make you king/queen.

Tip  2:


Keep adding the list on regular basis , add 5 new ideas in it, add 2 new things you learn on a particular day. The list grows more and it will help to achieve the level of success in life.

Tip 3:

Dream of Passion

Focus on your passion, what you want to achieve, make it part of your day dreams and night dreams, always think about it will help you climbing the ladder easily

Tip 4 :


Meet new people, connect learn things from them. It is always healthy to connect some nice people from whom you can gain knowledge and get new skills. Not only this you need to disconnect from people who are wasting your time and energy in things for which you are not meant for.

Tip 5:

Art of Saying “NO”

We have this habit of saying Yes every time to everyone and then takes us to trouble journey. It is better to say No instead of Yes with not doing the work.

Follow these rules and do not let the spark of War inside you go out, flame it out and you will see a difference in yourself.

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