The Wanderer

Stranger might be these tides for me

But a home is not what I seek today

A quest this is, that and a dream

A dream to wander faraway

And wander I shall in this realm and beyond

In woods and plains and hills and valleys

Aboard the boat and then we float

Among the trading ships and the war galleys


Wonder you might, if I shall prevail

But not a shred of doubt is there in my heart

What life is for if not to set the sail

To breathe the sea, to love and part

They come and go, the sun and the stars

And sky is the landscape they paint

With a thunder here and a storm there

Its picture perfect, no smudge no taint


And behold did I, the sight of gulls

Racing the wind against the clouds

Soaring the heights, on and on

To a world I could only dream about

A whale and a seal, I could saw

And a squid there far across

A school of fish and then another

And there goes the Albatross


No wonder I’m done, with rest for a while

How could now I sleep about?

From dusk to dawn, I’m up all night

These wonders, I can’t live without

And comes the day, I am done for good

I want to acclaim with haughty eyes

Wanderer I was since the dawn of age

Wanderer I will be, till the end of life


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