The Ultimate Remedy To Stress

What do you think is the ultimate remedy to stress? You know what guys! Even I want to know the answer! The people who are reading this are probably in pursuit of a solution themselves. What do you contemplate; I know the answer to this? Well! I’m also one those wanderers who is trying to make the both ends meet. Let’s give it a shot and let’s spend some time mending some good philosophy out of it. How to actually face the circumstances when they are not in your control and it’s ripping apart your conscience. Most of you might be wondering by now that after a while I’ll give a caption about 10 best ways to deal with and start with those usual bullet points or I’ll list down some scientific or factual undertakings that can be performed to avoid mental stress. Ahaan! Gotcha, See I know you all. But to your not-so-surprised faces, I’m not gonna do that! Then what? I’ll share my personal opinions on how to tackle stressful situations or might come up with some realistic challenges.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present!”            – Francis Bacon

First of all, you need to understand that you aren’t the only one. Well, my ambition is not to sympathize with you but to fade the very idea of suffering and pain from your cognizance. But, it’s good in the beginning to understand that you are not alone in this fight and with time and willpower we’ll end the battle itself. Ponder about the anxiety and agony we all go through, may it be some sort of ordeal due to work load or a post breakup period. Are any of them really worth our suffering? I know handling those situations isn’t as easy as penning it down but I guess we all need a prolific insight on the matter, right? Ruminate about those people who actually care about you. Would they want you to grieve? No, right? Now muse over the breakups or the workloads you might go through every day! Does accentuating about it make it any easier?

Let’s pen down some possible reasons!

  • Craving for the person we’ve been with for years who is not with us anymore,
  • Doing a Job of 9-5 everyday
  • Living the same monotonous life for years
  • Encountering with the helpless unanswered thoughts in your mind
  • Feeling cerebrally disturbed because of some reason or the other.
  • A casual fight with your friend or maybe a termination of your emotional journey with him/her.

That’s what it is right? No, then add on your reasons in your mind palace. Think of the worst you can think of! Take a pen and paper and list down the actualities that trouble you throughout the day or a month or even in an hour. Pen down every single damn practicality that puts you in an undesirable state of affairs. DO IT RIGHT NOW! Now take a deep breath and start reading it again and again until you start comprehending that a handful of petty reasons that can’t extinguish your life anymore. When it’s done, read further.

Do you sense restoration? Did you just recognize those few inconsequential reasons were actually bothering you all this time? Having said that, don’t think that they won’t transpire again. They will always occur spontaneously in the form of a challenge when you will have to compete like a warrior and guess what, that’s what life is all about!

Let’s consider a realistic case! Let’s say you are stressed about your 9-5 job. Is it really that much of a hassle? How about carrying it out happily? How about thinking about your family for whom you are working so hard? How about tapping a large smile before you leave your home for work? Think of the smiles that you will put on your children’s faces when you’ll buy them gifts from your salary, those large beautiful smiles, don’t you think that it’s worth it? How about making it romantic! How about giving a kiss to your loved and dear ones before you head on to work and after you come back? That will work, I suppose! Won’t it folks? Trust me, It will, just give it a go.

Just intellect that life is so much more than emphasizing about its monotony or the hatred of people, their judgment or anything else for that matter. You can be constructive or deleterious with respect to a particular status quo that you deal with. Choice is yours! Opt wisely. Point is negative thinking makes the situation worse than it already is! Lying in bed all day long, keeping yourself aloof and staying secluded from everyone won’t benefit you unless you are in a healthy mindset. Talk! Share your grief with people who can understand you, take their guidance and supervision. Make a note of things that would amuse and entertain you. Invest some time in them to lighten up your mood. Make a proper schedule on how to take up responsibilities. Not only will it make your life relaxed, but the hardest phases of your life will flow like a smooth streamline of water. And that’s when life will become an incredible journey of wonderful events.

Encounter with a predicament is common but getting over it with learning the required lesson is what makes the difference. Keep your mind, life and emotions in your control. Don’t follow them, let them follow you! Nothing is worth more than your bliss. What’s the one permanent thing that you can be 100% assured of? It’s YOUR LIFE. Isn’t it? So, don’t let some temporary whys and wherefores make a permanent damage to you. Understand your goals and aim of your life with a new and better vision. Work on them but with an honest gratification, not by burdening yourself. Let go of the things that doesn’t matter and embrace what brings the ecstasy to your special life. Introspect, enjoy your own company and celebrate your individuality! The fact that you are born in this world is an amazing element in itself, now it depends on you, whether to die with memories or regrets!!

Life is too short to be stressed

~ So, live it with all your heart!

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