the seven rhythems

THE “the saath suro ka sangam” is the most beautiful creation the universe has, as there are no boundations and it flows free in each and every nook-n-corner of the space, showing its colours and vibes inculcated from the nature, that is gifted to each and every creature on the earth that depicts their identity and individuality. This is what Is gifted to all in the form of mesmerizing voices that soothes all and hypnotizes all towards the rhythm and creates emotional vibes in and around the surrounding.
In this impatient kalyuga where all have drenched in the rain of money, all have forgotten the lyrics of life that used to flow smoothly, the taal of the Jeevan has been disturbed (bhang), now even these rhythms are being disturbed and converted to the beats that depict the noise and disturbance the present era is facing and has inculcated in their minds, that melody has lost that made the devils turn to angels, it seems all have lost to the pull them out the magic of the saath sur should be turned on to bring its impact.
These saath surs that if exist in one’s life will act as a miracle in their life, as gives them enthusiasm and relaxation in the life. That is why nowadays listening to the old music is more recommended rather than meditation, these surs reduce the stress levels in the mind and enable the the mind to flow the vibes to the right and relaxing direction with no traffic.
These surs are so potential that they can bring out the hidden emotions of a human being how much stubborn they might be; this is the strength of the surs that makes even the devil to saint These saath surs also show the difference their togetherness brings in, i.e. THE Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni are the route of the natural flow that shows the swift movement and the imbalance of any one causes a chaos in the life, that is very prominent in the present scenario.
Songs and rhythms with help of the lyrics produce an identity in all that a human want to express their emotions, one of the best examples and beautiful creations are the nations national anthems that have such a proud feeling in each and every individual feels and flows with the emotion of that belongingness.
The lyricists are like the path ways where the singers are being their followers, with this togetherness they make the song successful and the life remarkable. This journey of the songs will neither end nor the journey of life ……
“The seven rhythms are the phases of the seven janamas of life”

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