The Secret Ingredient

What is the first question which comes to our mind when we see a person, one amongst ourselves (classmate, office colleague etc. ) winning (securing a rank, earning good appraisal etc.)? All we yearn for at that moment is what is so different in him/her which is not to me to be one amongst that position.Let us remember one famous quote by which I am sure all of us would have come across in our lives: “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.“

Do we need any secret ingredient to be that rank-holder or that Star employee of an organization or to be that any successful person we aspire to be…the answer for this secret ingredient is “NOTHING”?

Let us for a moment forget the success stories and celebrities whom we look upon or aspire to be and remember that mouth-licking food prepared by our mothers. Pick up your phone and ask your mom for the ingredient to one of your favorite dishes (which you would so yearn for: be it anything) – undoubtedly sure, her answer would be “NOTHING” i.e. no special ingredient. Take a breath and now recall the ingredient of one of those Mexican, Thai,  Chinese etc. food you love to have too and you will get to know hundreds of ingredients which would be too difficult to be even located in your grocery store. Now for a moment compare the complexities between the ingredients and the corresponding difference in the tastes of two. In this small comparison that we went through lie many big answers to our ideal successful life.

Speak to an IAS topper, to that one successful girl who shed those extra pounds to achieve the dream figure, to that one successful sportsperson whose strict regime might seem impossible to you or any person whom you consider as successful in an endeavor where you could not. The common reply from all would be “no special ingredient”. The answer could include various traits in their personality like – sincerity, hard-work, passion, regularity, punctuality, dedication, teamwork etc. Do you think we lack these or there could ever be any secret ingredients to these traits, do we need to be aliens or special human-beings to possess these traits? The answer is simply “NO” – – but only if we accept this “no” now and begin our journey towards success shall we realize the truth behind each success story and create one of our own.


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