The pandemic lifestyle and digital world!!!

It is truly believed that “Time is very powerful “ and “Change is constant”

Change is challenging, no doubt . It may be planned or unplanned but it is inevitable.

With the pandemic situation , the time has changed . We never thought about it, that meeting with friends, family gatherings, hanging out at malls at weekends, movie shows with popcorns in PVR , everything is changed.


The reality has become virtuality. Social connection has become social isolation and we are becoming fully dependant on the virtual world i.e. technology. Although , technology is a boon for the world but it is the one that has now trapped the world digitally.

There was a time when we enjoyed affordable rides in Ola and Uber , hectic metro journey for hours. Those long queues in Airports and railway stations , even if they were hectic but the excitement of the journey dwell in us. Really that time is gone.


It is becoming boring and tiring sitting in front of the screens for 9-5 office hours. The work from home concept is bit comfortable for us , no doubt but it is somewhere making our lives monotonous. Visiting to offices, meeting new people everyday , dealing with stressful problems and having lunch with colleagues. That time is totally changed.


The school life when it was a big challenge to reach school on time, playing with friends , pranks with teachers , break time – the most favourite one and of course the most awaited games period , that we never missed. Now, the online classes with students sitting in uniforms , no chit chat , no games period, virtual meetings with friends is not enjoyed by students.


The late entry in classrooms , roaming in the corridors, hanging out with friends in cafeteria. Missing and bunking lectures.The favourite college life .Everything is not the same now. No bunking classes , long webinars, online presentations , assignments and deadlines everything is digital , which is  not much appealing the young students.

There was a time when we wished to work from homes away from the hectic schedules. But now, even though when we are at homes , we are desperate to go back to our hectic lifestyle.

This is the power of time…….!!!

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