The Next Place I Will Visit

We all go to visit places, cities, nationally or internationally, on our holidays. It can be a short or long outing, business trips or personal trips. Most of us get excited when we think about the place, we visited last summer or in last holidays. And we get wonderful memories of that whenever we think about the trip. The memories of the beaches, the food, the fun we had. Memories are incomplete without the pictures.. so we check the wonderful pictures we clicked at there…funny moments, happy faces, why you clicked this types!

And most of us plan out next trip in the last days or our that trip or I can say the next destination we decide before we end up our ongoing trip. So, the excitement of our that trip get continuous to the coming trip. Many of us plan sudden holidays do searches, check our pockets which place we can afford or depend which kind of holiday we want. So, we all have our own priorities when we say “let’s go on the holiday trip”.

Once we decided the place, we generally find out how we can explore the city or that place. But many of us just got the nice hotels to get relaxed. Now a days travellers got many options like, OYO, Home stay for domestic travel.  Airbnb for international travel for example. Simple booking – cancellations less worries.

The budget – safety – security is always on the priority side. The other things like what to wear and what to not or what to pack or what not to pack. and go there with high JOSH.

Now the killer part comes… when someone asks.. have you been there, what a place! lifetime experince, how can you miss such a wounderful place yaar.. next time do ask us will suggest you where to go, what to visit. But every time we comeback from that trip people say or we come to know that we missed that particular place. And we regret and think or blame can’t you/we plan my trip more interesting or with more exposure, with a bad feeling left in our heart knowing we will not visit the same place in future positivity as I have lot to explore.

So, now next Time when will visit my next place or go for a trip, do your homework. Search about the places, check on the websites, if anyone already visited that place ask them take suggestions. To get full fed if that particular place to go the local market, try street food, take local transport rather than taking cabs, meet local people, try to talk, no matter the language is a barrier. People welcome guests, create more happy moments, explore freely, take the essence of the place and plan your next trip you will visit.

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