The Networking – What Every Business Needs

Do you struggle on regular basis to take your business to a next level. Every person running business had to face tremendous problem in their operation work life and due to some situations, the growth looks far. I had been connected to infinite number of business people and every one comes with there own theory and strategy where every one has a common thing that’s hunger of growth.

This word network itself is a very big thing which every one strives for their whole of life, as who wants to dig the well daily and drink water from it. As the time changes, it can be see that people are more showing interest in Direct marketing and considering it as a easy life and quick money earning opportunity and it really gets a quick network attachment.

What about business or startup who is just incepted and trying to tell people about there story in a different manner, sharing there ideas and asking people to purchase there products or services with different usp. Can they really spread the word without being a part of network , it is really difficult to approach an individual and say “Hey, I deal in this service and am superb because of this features, would you be interested in buying or trying it out.” 4 out of 10 will not show interest or move out. If we compare it with network then a small far flung referene also creates quick approach and conversion.

Is that really difficult to create a network? I met this gentleman other day and he asked me this question, how to start a conversation with a new stranger. Most important mistake in network we all do is by advertising our business in our first meet. Why someone will show interest in us if we have not shown for them in first place.

A Business person spends whole of life to build a strong network and only few are able to acheive it faster. There is no super mantra for it, just sometimes a general greeting updates the memory lane.

“Networking does not ends here.. It is just a beginning of new story.. Coming more soon….”

Author : Himanshu Singla, CEO and Founder for Online Trouble Shooters (Selling Web Domains and Servers over a decade) and also a Corporate Trainer

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