The Mother’s Struggle _Its never ends

There was a boy named eshwar who was 9 years old. He was cared a lot by his family members. He had loving mother and father. He was living a very happy life until his father started drinking.
Eshwar’s father had become a drunkard, he used to beat his mom daily. The boy used to watch his mom crying daily but couldn’t go against his father because he had equal love for both of his parents. As the days passed the suffering of his mother became more and eshwar couldn’t take it anymore.
He went for aid to his relatives. But his relatives against her mother. They didn’t like her. So no one came forward to help her. Having no other option the boy tried to stop his father by hitting him, but in vain his dad threw him away like a toy. Eshwar got injured and his mother couldn’t bear it.
All these days she was staying with his dad just for the kids. Now when she has clearly understood that his dad doesn’t even care about the kids, she packed all her things and left the place. She went to a place far away from their home.
She had taken a gold loan and started a small business of selling curries. Through the earnings she started educating her children. Both the kids studied till 10th standard but she couldn’t afford for higher studies as she needs more money for that. But as a mother she wanted to give her children a good life. So she made a decision not to stop their studies. Hence she took the help of her parents to send their children to college.
They have shifted to her parents place and she was very happy for few days. Later on all the neighbours and relatives started to say bad things about her that she left her husband and beautiful life for no reason and came back to her parents. No one knew her suffering and neither did she tell to anyone. Only her parents knew and they supported her.
Eshwar started going to college but to his mom’s bad luck he lost interest in studies, made wrong friendships and became a spoilt kid. He used to borrow money from everyone and his mom to pay used to pay the money back.
As the days passed his mom understood that son is becoming same as his father and tried to change but in vain. Eshwar has turned so violent that he started shouting at his mother, treating her badly .But still she couldn’t say him anything and always tried to explain what is wrong and what is good. One day eshwar got irritated by her lectures and ran away from home.
Heartbroken mother cried and cried for days. She left her life waiting for his son.
After few years eshwar got to know that his mom is dead and returned back to his home. Realising the importance of her mother he has changed completely and also took care after his grandpa & ma…
He started to roam different places and narrate the younger age people about the importance of parents and brought awareness to thousands of people…

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