The lost son

All water under the bridge, the pain, the cricks,

As she oared by the tiny kicks.

Imprisoned by hung pictures of a baby boy and

lord krishna, she sipped over her cup of joy.

No where she could find the goddesses.

What she yearned was to elude from this mess.

Her little princess stood behind the door overridden by the flurry of fear

“Will they love the newbie more?”

“My love wouldn’t be lost rather shared. ”

To her, she swore.

Then the day arrived

In a few minutes, a reassuring voice came  behind the white mask.

Then amongst the shouts

A feeble cry was heard.

“It’s a girl” the midwife exclaimed.

She sensed her without touch.

His man flashed his loving smile

Who stood there for her support.

Blessed with another princess.

“Hoping to see you here for a third try” that’s all they heard.

They joined the laugh and trifled.

Years have passed by…

“Only two daughters where is the son,

You are still young you must try for one.

Who would look after you in your old age? ”

Said the proud old woman of five sons who lived in a deserted cage.

“Yes, we don’t have a son

But we have two angels

And our family is complete”, she declared

as the silence assuaged..


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